(for the Head of Departments - HoDs)

Purpose of the Form:

The purpose of this form is to document and standardize the hiring practices in the Administrative Team, providing a clear framework for hiring managers and HR personnel. By following this SOP, we aim to streamline the recruitment process, maintain high standards of selection, and ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly and objectively. The following instructions are given below:

1. Upload the Job Description (JD) in the form of a PDF/Word file, which includes the job requirements, qualifications, etc. Include the KRAs and the KPIs in the JD as well.

2. Mention the salary range of the required designation of the candidate in this G-Form.

3. Kindly provide a detailed quantitative assessment of the current workload, pending tasks, and the urgency associated with the role for which hiring is being considered in an attached Excel Sheet.

4. Mention the scope of the role requirement

5. Final decisions will be made in coordination with the HR department, following approval from upper management.